In 2017 the relationship between AWC and Quantum Growth was forged. The goal was to invest in the personal and team development of the personal who worked diligently and passionately in this unique institution.

AWC was established under another name in 1967 and evolved into an organisation that offers its services for free to all in need. Our partnership on this journey included both workshops and individual coaching sessions for all the staff. There had been some strategic changes in the structure of AWC and new appointments made. The goals were to partner AWC on this path and ensure that it proceeded smoothly. The programme ran for 15 months and was wholly successful in highlighting the strengths of t he organisation and areas of improvement as well as empowering the staff in becoming leaders within their own areas of expertise.

Keri Delport, Director

We have adopted a number of recommendations that we agreed upon in the workshops facilitated by yourself. As an example one of the ways that our staff meetings which have changed is that they  now include an additional component where opportunity is provided for each staff member to share.  We have also adapted them so that each staff member will have an opportunity to run a portion of the meeting consistent with their Lumina Learning personality portrait and share feedback on something of interest to them- this has proven to be incredibly successful.

Your support is both humbling and greatly appreciated

Amanda Adams, Social Worker

I found Bryan to be honest and transparent – and appreciated the manner in which the material was unpacked. The workshops were engaging and it was ensured that all the staff were incorporated. Amidst all the information presented by the staff, Bryan managed incisively in his amicable way to facilitate creative and progressive thinking.

I found the coaching extremely beneficial and looked forward to each session with the knowledge that another layer of my potential would be wonderfully uncovered giving me the opportunity to develop further individually and as a part of the team.

Working with a team of highly motivated staff, who had never been exposed to the personal development and team formation of the Lumina Learning principles and EQUEST programmes was exciting and challenging.

The excitement of the team was palpable and the challenge of explaining the Lumina Model and how it applied to their professional approach to their working in a team was a privilege to participate in.

The workshop was high energy with great fascination about how accurate the portraits were in peeling back the layers of each staff members personality. The level of resonance with each participant was substantial and their willingness to take these ideas further in their ever day work a joy.

The one-2-one unpacking of the portraits were in a much more private space and many personal issues raised were dealt with in a coaching scenario.

Since the programme my relationship with the staff at Bright-Star has continued and much to my satisfaction the Model and the Archetypes in which each member found themselves are still referred to in their day to day individual and team work. One of the participants even asked for the portraits to be carried out between them and their partner in a private capacity, due to the fact that the portrait resonated so much and was so helpful in their understanding of ‘self’ and ‘the other’.


Allyson Miller, Marketing Director, had this to say

The entire programme was stimulating and engaging.

Our group comprised of different people from different walks of life who work together. We think differently and respond differently to different situations.
As a result of Bryan’s course, are now able to understand each other a lot more.

Initially we were all very reserved, but with Bryan’s insightful approach and the manner in which he dealt with each individual, without losing sight of their place within the team, it didn’t take very long to break through the barriers.

He is insightful, stimulating and very energetic.

The effect has been felt long-term and we are most satisfied with the results.
I strongly recommend this programme.

One of the great pleasures that we at Quantum Growth have experienced is working with COSAT. A high school in Khayelitsha.

The school opened its doors in 1999 in response to the shortage of quality Maths and Science matriculants from township schools in the Western Cape.

The first matric class in 2001 set the precedent for the future with a 100% pass rate, an exemption rate of close to 70% and an impressive number of subject distinctions.

For the next ten years the school cemented its reputation as a centre of excellence and, as a result, the Western Cape Education Department gave it the status of a STEM school [Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Focus School], one of four in the province.

A compelling attraction for us to work with COSAT is their partnership with the Schools Improvement Initiative (SII) which fall under the Schools Development Unit at the University of Cape Town. Our relationship with both COSAT and the SII has grown and flourished.

Our initial intervention 4 years ago was with the Student Leadership Council. This council made up of a group of students transitioning from Grade 11 to Grade 12,  partners with the leadership of the school in a number of initiatives assisting with the smooth running of the school.

However, after extensive reviewing of our relationship with the school we decided to move the programme to working with the Representative Council of Learners. This group of students learnership is constituted by students in each grade from 8- 12, voted by their peers to represent them in various areas of school life.

Running an RCL is mandated by the Western Cape Education Department for every school. The COSAT vision is that the RCL takes on many of the responsibilities of ensuring that the school and student body are well integrated into a whole. Development of the team and leadership skills of the RCL is critical in melding them into an effective and positive force within the school. The RCL act as intermediaries between the student body and teachers. The COSAT leadership and SDU are eager to run this programme as they believe that the effect of this programme will assist in rmaximinig this vision.

The Western Cape Department of Education does provide outlines and input on the development of the RCL. These have been found to be a little complicated and a touch too sophisticated. Quantum Growth working with COSAT are developing a unique training programme to upskill the RCL.

The learners are deeply motivated and are proud of their being voted into this position of leadership and are focussed on succeeding in impacting the school as envisioned.

We at Quantum Growth look forward to continuing this relationship, refining our RCL training and partnering with the UCT, SII and the school, seeing the student leadership growing from strength to strength.


We at Quantum Growth have been working with Indoni for over 4 years. Our pilot project revolved around immersing the trainees in the EQUEST Mentoring Programme of Excellence. Beginning with the Lumina Spark Portrait to achieve a level of Self- Awareness it then expanded into proficiency in Building Rapport and Emotional Intelligence.The goal of the Programme was to develop soft skills in the participants that would support them as they move into the entrepreneurial world as envisioned by Indoni.

Through engaging and interactive processes including full-day, half-day workshops and individual coaching, we created sustainable change in the participants by taking them on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

In following years Quantum Growth conducted on the efficacy of coaching in a non-mother-tongue language. Whether it would be as effective in deepening coaching goals. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

The Indoni Dance Arts and Leadership Academy, Vision

Employment, especially youth employment, is one of the major challenges of our times. It is often said that the wealth of a nation lies in the creativity of its people. The amount of talent and creativity visible in South African schools is mind-boggling. Yet few of these talented young people have access to the high-quality training needed to turn their talent into a means of participation in the work force for their own and others’ sustainability.”

The relationship between Quantum Growth is a flourishing and positive one that continues into its 5 year.

This is what Jennifer Van Papendorp Managing Director and Lecturer, has to say about the programme

The trainees are communicating more and better. They have gained enormously in confidence They have been challenged to think about their lives, their future, their goals and have gained insight about themselves. They have been led to start actively thinking before they act, to think more deeply and to reflect. They have been given skills about how to make decisions and how to manage their lives.  They report that they explored what drives them and what they wanted to see in their futures. They began to learn how to deal with anger issues, how to treat and respect others

IN 2017 Quantum Growth embarked on a programme motivated and accompanied by ORT JET Cape Town, a division of ORT SA. OrtJet was established in 2005 to create an empowering support structure for small Jewish business owners and people with business ideas in South Africa. ORT JET aims to facilitate business growth and financial sustainability by offering mentoring, training and networking opportunities. By empowering entrepreneurs, ORT JET significantly contributes to a healthier business environment.

Their vision appeared to be a perfect match with the products that we at Quantum Growth offered

Through an engaging and interactive process we aim to create sustainable change in the 10 OrtJet Entrepreneurs by taking them on a journey of discovery and growth. Beginning with the Lumina Psychometric tool to achieve a level of Self- Awareness the programme is then expanded into proficiency in Building Rapport and Emotional Intelligence. The portrait output is based on responses to a psychologically validated and robust profiling on-line questionnaire. This process then continued with individual coaching around the generated portrait through the powerful medium of personal coaching.

As affiliates of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) we take as our point of departure their definition of coaching which is “a professional, collaborative and outcomes-driven method of learning that seeks to develop an individual and raise self-awareness so that he or she might achieve specific goals and perform at a more effective level”,

At Quantum Growth we have refined and expanded on how we perceive the value of coaching within our current day context. Coaching strives to assist in moulding effective leaders, whether personal leadership or leading others. Leadership requires being comfortable with uncertainty and thriving in ambiguity. It is being aware of the whole system and understanding its dynamic web of relationships. It is living with the vision and values, thinking on the ‘edge of chaos’ to evoke creativity and initiative so that we become resilient and adaptive. Leadership is creating opportunities for others to find meaning and fulfilment. A coaching relationship helps people discover and gain the best from what is within themselves. Based on educational and psychological theory, science and art combine in purposeful and inspiring conversations directed by clients towards positive transformation of self and those they influence.

The programme kicked off wit ha full day workshop run at the beautiful Colosseum Hotel

It was a really wonderful start, in 2014 Quantum Growth completed our first full programme with students from Sinenjongo High School, a school with an awesome history.

 Sinenjongo High School is in Joe Slovo Park. In 2008 the school, which serves an impoverished community, was housed in containers and had few facilities. It also had a huge dropout rate with only one in five learners making it through to matric and even then, only 27% achieving a pass and only very seldom a pass rate sufficient to go onto tertiary education. In 2010 with dedicated and passionate leadership and educators the pass rate had jumped to an incredible 98%.  The school received an award for being one of the 10 most improved schools in the Western Cape in 2012 from the Western Cape Education Department. Then in January 2017, the school moved into brand new beautiful permanent premises on the corner of Omuramba Road and Freedom Way which has completely transformed their day to day lives.

It was with great excitement that early one Sunday morning the top 6 achieving matriculants at Sinenjongo were collected and taken to the conference centre at Ratanga Junction. The students had all been accepted to the universities of their choice and a number of them given bursaries to universities in America.

The facilities at Ratanga were beautiful and the students excited.

The leadership of the school selected the EQUEST Programme to teach skills to the students that they would not learn in the pressurised classroom environment where their intellectual skills were stretched to the maximum.

The students were immersed in the EQUEST Mentoring Programme of Excellence. Beginning with the Lumina Psychometric tool to achieve a level of Self- Awareness it was then expanded into proficiency in building rapport and emotional intelligence. Develop their emotional intelligence by increasing their sensitivity to others, reducing judgment and increasing respect of others

The workshops were great fun as the students interacted with each other, the ideas of leadership and team building, and reflecting on their own strengths and weaknesses. To appreciate the fullness and complexity of the individual the participants were taken on a journey where they explored who they are at the level of the 8 Jungian preferences.

Although the concepts were complex these students coped magnificently and picked up the skills exceedingly fast. The subsequent interventions were all held at Ratanga.

In the report back to the teachers, on facilitating the further growth of the students, the accuracy of how they had shown up in class and their strengths and challenges revealed through the Portraits and Interventions was fascinating. To then witness how with this increased awareness, the potentials of the students could be developed was the cherry on the top.

Quantum Growth is looking forward to continuing our wonderful relationship with Sinenjongo and completing a programme this year with the Senior Management Team and the teaching staff.

Sophakama is a primary school in Du Noon that has a passionate and skilful leadership. Quantum Growth began their relationship with Sophakama in 2015 when there were initial discussions around maximising and developing their already fantastic Senior Management Team(SMT).

The dedicated SMT were willing to start the journey with a full day workshop on a public holiday in order not to miss out on a school day. It was held at the lovely Colosseum Hotel in Century City. The workshop was a great success and each member received their Lumina Spark Portrait. This was followed by coaching and fleshing out the individual portraits which each SMT member felt was fascinatingly accurate. Now the real work could begin…

The relationship was developed further through 2017 when a number of further team workshops were run looking at some of the nitty-gritty issues that could be improved.

These workshops proved to be such a success that the programme was rolled out with the Foundation Phase teachers. The programme included workshops, the Lumina based portraits and coaching. A number of insights were gleaned and shared with the SMT to once again up-the-ante- of the school.

In the words of Mr Amos Siwayi, Vice Principal of Sophakama

Bryan was able to smoothly move into the coaching space with our Senior Management Team. Through his team and individual coaching, he assisted in moving the SMT to a point in which communication, conflict resolution and a deeper appreciation for the diversity of the team could be achieved.

Bryan is very good at coping with the diversity both within the SMT who are all Xhosa. During the team coaching, often the discussion would move over to Xhosa, Bryan was able to adapt and cope with allowing the group to finish the discussion in Xhosa and then tease out the essence of what was discussed to continue with the coaching.

His creativity in being able to use different methods and approaches to allow the group to express themselves within the coaching was very helpful, especially when the SMT got stuck on one point.

At the end of 2018 Quantum Growth received funding to partner with an NGO affiliated to the Mensch Network. After meeting, the decision was made to run the EQUEST Offering in 2019 with Waves 4 Change.

Waves 4 Change provides a child-friendly mental health service to at-risk youth living in unstable communities. Through access to safe spaces, caring mentors, and a provision of weekly Surf Therapy sessions, W4C gives children skills to cope with stress, regulate behaviour, build healing relationships, and make positive life choices.

It was clear that the coaches were excellently trained in both surfing and being able to convey these skills to the participating youth. The coaches were also trained in principles of working with at-risk youth.

Putting our heads together we tailored made a programme that would further develop the skills of the coaches in self-knowledge and team work.

Using the personality patterns developed by Lumina Learning ( which is firmly rooted in Psychological Personality theory, these concepts were extracted in order to form a foundational understanding of different human responses to different situations. The purpose was to give a clear and robust insight into the principle that the children with whom the coaches interacted regularly have different responses to their own which often appear to be ‘mysterious’. This understanding is the foundation of team building and were shown to be not only expected but desirable.

We found the response to this incredible. The coaches began to understand and ‘recognise’ themselves in the broad types of the Lumina Learning model, they were then able to connect various parts of themselves into a more coherent whole.

We have so far enjoyed three interventions each building on the previous one.

The first one run at the Gallery South in Muizenberg, was to expose the group to ideas of perspectives and perception. Even though these coaches had mostly been working together for a relatively lengthy period of time they still gained deeper insight into each other creating a greater cohesiveness in the team.

The second run at the Lavender Hill Primary School, re-inforced the concepts and ideas covered in the previous workshops and moved them forward in a more practical and ‘sticky’ way. After the initial refresher, the students were given worksheets to fill in that would be personal and assist them in looking at areas where they might improve relationships with either others in the team or in their own personal lives.

The third workshop was amazing. It revealed that the coaches had integrated and were able to practically use the skills of the EQUEST programme. The participants were divided into groups and given a scenario that might arise with one of the youths, which would challenge them. Using the skills learnt they analysed and then reported back to the group how they would engage with the student in a manner that would be positive and enable the further growth of the student.

The coaches proved themselves to have mastered many of the ideas and principles and were an absolute pleasure to work with!

We look forward to taking the programme to even greater heights and enjoying a long and fruitful relationship with Waves 4 Change resulting in the coaches developing their potential and that of the team to the maximum!

What the participants have said

Aphiwe Bohekwa MloTane

A thing I really enjoyed was when we had to choose cards about ourselves and our friends/someone sitting next to you; I also liked the time the guy explained to us more about the  colours because it shows me where I belong and why.

Liesel James

I loved the way Bryan connected with every participant, ensuring everyone was included and not feeling left out. The result of this course has helped the different types to understand each other better which has helped our site to get closer + more sensitive. The examples + linking it to our therapy programme was very helpful + the group enjoyed the process. They joke with each other about their colours + feel happy with themselves.

Manlumba Asiphe

I learn in life that there are different people with different personalities, but we need each other because you can’t survive alone. You may be Red but you need a Blue person. It doesn’t matter how bright you are but in life you need different people. That is why we are the Rainbow Nation, because you can’t be bright with or without colour.

2017 was the kick off of the relationship between Usasazo and Quantum Growth. The partenership was facilitated by the Schools Improvement Initiative of University of Cape Town. The programme was run with the Representative Council of Learners (RCL). The goal being to develop the leadership and team- building skills. The workshops involved breaking down and clarifying the positions ans obligations of the Council. The students were incredibly participaitve, will to share their ideas, challenges and vision for the council, even though they did not all know each other.

The RCL is mandated by the Westen Cape Education Department. The vision is fine but in order to allow for the council to operate effectively more input needs to be made every year.

USASAZO is a great school with strong leadership and a staff who are motivated in reaching the highest level of achievement for their students in the scholastic achievement. The programme continued in 2018, however with the experience gained the previous year the interventions were all more focussed and proceeded in a smoother and more rapid manner. Not only where these programmes being run but the level of success was increased.

The year 2019 has been a watershed year. The visionary principal, Mr Barnes, suggested that a leadership group be created in the school of students who chose themselves to participate. These students would be ones that put themselves forward to learn leadership skills, team building skills all based on self-knowledge. And this is where we began, with the concepts of self-leadership. A concept the they themselves were interested in delving into.

The workshops involve, watching motivational clips, self-reflection and journaling and much discussion. This group made up of divers ages ranging from Grade 8-10, often with students who do not know each other have melded into a group that have bonded and support each other during the sharing component.

As we look at a long-term process for this Leadership group, they have been introduced to the Lumina Model of personality development which is the foundation of the other skills required.

This is an exciting development in the concept of leadership at the schools. For our first workshop almost 20 students signed up, this number has grown as the programme has progressed! We look forward to continuing into the second half of the year and seeing continued growth and success.

“Literacy in itself is no education. Literacy is not the end of education or even the beginning. By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-body, mind and spirit.”    Mahatma Gandhi

With gratitude to Faircape Dairies for sponsoring the refreshments.  Bryan and Mr Athenkosi Ngqunguza, the wonderful educator from Usasazo, the schools co-ordinator of the programme.

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