Quantum Growth

QUANTUM is the minimum amount of any entity involved in an interaction. GROWTH refers to a positive change in size, and/or maturation. These two words speak to our belief in the manner of how people change and develop into their most potent beings. The growing into potential, we believe, needs to follow a constant and persistent incremental pace, just like the growth in every creature that contains life force.

For a lion to become the king of the jungle it starts as a vulnerable cub. It begins to mature and grow and integrate experience until eventually becoming a majestic monarch.

These incremental units are the Quanta that form the building blocks of all living Growth.


Bryan Opert has been working for 18 years in education and the rabbinate.


We use a model that combines Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment.


We are grateful to the many donors who graciously provide funding.

About Bryan

Bryan Opert has been working for 18 years in education and the rabbinate, gaining significant experience in the principles underpinning personal relationships and fostering growth in others. His degrees in Education have given him strong roots in classical theory and best current practice. He uses these fundamentals liberally in coaching in order to convey ideas and express concepts. Additionally his experience in curriculum development assists him in developing powerful workshops that build the concepts in a coherent and rational way, the links between the parts being clearly visible and expanding on each other to build a whole larger than the individual components.

Bryan has worked internationally throughout his career but returned in 2009 with his wife Chana and seven children to Cape Town, South Africa. Wherever they went they always felt a hankering for the energy, beauty and culture of South Africa.

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