Bryan’s Story


Bryan Opert has been working for 18 years in education and the rabbinate, gaining significant experience in the principles underpinning personal relationships and fostering growth in others. His degrees in Education have given him strong roots in classical theory and best current practice. He uses these fundamentals liberally in coaching in order to convey ideas and express concepts. Additionally his experience in curriculum development assists him in developing powerful workshops that build the concepts in a coherent and rational way, the links between the parts being clearly visible and expanding on each other to build a whole larger than the individual components.

Bryan has worked internationally throughout his career but returned in 2009 with his wife Chana and seven children to Cape Town, South Africa. Wherever they went they always felt a hankering for the energy, beauty and culture of South Africa.


Dancing to your own drum can sometimes lead to blisters. My journey on the highways and by-ways of life has sometimes been bumpy, sometimes painful, sometimes even hair-raising but always interesting. In 2014, I experienced what might be considered a life shock. Having made very poor decisions that hurt many people I needed to rebuild a shattered career and life. Using the experience, skills and training that I had received together with a tenacity to find redemption and attempt to heal the wounds that I had caused I tapped into my passion coupled with the love that I received and began Quantum Growth. Quantum Growth is a Social Entrepreneurial company that synthesizes the constellation of areas that I am passionate about; coaching, educating, counselling and mentoring. These are offered to both individuals and groups.

The road has been tough but I have endeavored to remain focused on the fact that from crisis comes revelation. Every day brings renewed opportunities and excitement in accompanying the people I work with on transformational experiences.

Director of Quantum Growth, Bryan Opert CV extract

Lumina Learning Practitioner Qualification 2014
COMENSA Coaches and Mentors of South Africa 2015
Senior Educators Program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 2006-2007
A full year multi-disciplinary scholarship programme covering educational leadership at a Masters level.
BEd Honours Educational Leadership and Management at UJ 2005
BA majoring in Education & Psychology. University of South Africa 1996
Child Counselling Parent and Child Counselling Centre Johannesburg 1997
Postgraduate Coaching Dip. (NQF 8)SA College of Applied Psychology 2015-2016
SETA Assessors Course Boston City Campus 2015
Hirsch Lyons Primary and High School Jhb, Crawford High Durban, Leibler Yavneh High School Melbourne 1991-2014
Adult Education at Melton School of Adult Education, involving a diverse sector of the Jewish and non-Jewish community

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