Pressures of the Education Profession

I have found the following article riveting. It speaks to the pressure that the teaching profession is placed under. Now, I hear some grumbling that ‘everyone, in all professions are under pressure’! What I (subjectively) would argue is that this profession is one of society’s fundamentals. The education of our most precious resources, if this trend continues,  would be left to teachers who are overburdened, struggling to cope and are…miserable.

The question though is what WE should be doing about it? For educators who are passionate about their profession (as I believe the vast majority are) but who realise that they might very well not be able to cope with the burdens mentioned in the article- what are the options?

My suggestion is twofold. One, is a robust change of perception for ourselves and ensuring, of others. I recall a story that tells of a teacher and senior business man out for dinner at friends. As the conversation moves to business and all the fascinating deals that this business leader had signed, he turns to the teacher and derisively asks, ‘so what do you make?’ The teacher, without missing a beat says, I make children into adults, what do you make?’

My second suggestion is that we need to ensure teachers have all the emotional tools that they are going to need. This is what our EQUEST programme is about.

Workload is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to low morale in teaching

After surveying 1,400 teachers about wellbeing in the profession, teacher and author Emma Kell discovered bullying and a lack of recognition are also huge problems.”

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